Chopper Pumps

Our Chopper Pumps, with the unique external chopping system, is designed for pumping heavily contaminated liquids and liquids with high solids concentration.

The chopping system is clearly separated from the pump casing and the impeller. This prevents blocking of the pump and its subsequent piping as all chopping is completed before the liquid enters the pump housing. The wear on the pump casing, impeller and sealing system is significantly reduced due to the chopping system design.

Due to the open impeller design, our Chopper Pump is also ideal for pumping high viscosity liquids. If the pumped liquid is abrasive, the pumps are available with special hardened pump components which will extend the lifetime significantly compared to standard material. Most of our Chopper Pumps are also available in AISI 316 stainless steel for acidic liquids.

Our Chopper Pumps can be found in waste water applications, on biogas plants, the food industry, mining etc. The applications are numerous and in general our Chopper Pumps take over where other pumps give up.