Risk Assessment – Ensure compliance with Health and Safety Legislation and suitable safety measures are put in place for ongoing maintenance.

Service Programmes – A range of service programmes designed to suit your specific requirements.

Breakdown – An emergency service to deal with an unexpected mechanical breakdown of equipment.

Of course, once installed we also understand that correct maintenance can further optimise our customers’ initial investment, minimise their overall operating costs, and ensure correct long-term performance; which is why we also offer tailored maintenance programmes which are designed to specifically meet our customers’ operational and service needs.

We have products still in practical working order after over 100 years of continuous service, as well as an archive of project designs and records from the very earliest days of the Company; all of which means that we are able to supply the correct spares and services to equipment of all ages.

Our staff are all trained to the highest level, with all relevant certification, and all of our services are covered by our BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.